The verdict (2 mei 2011)

Maandag 2 mei 2011

The friendly Hayes Port Augusta Mitsubishi dealer’s personnel looked at our car this afternoon. The verdict: the water pump needs to be replaced!* I think we were lucky that we made it to Port Augusta from Alice Springs**

As they also need to dismantle a major part of the engine we decided to have the timing belt replaced (was due in 4000 kms) and all drive belts. The additional cost is minimal as there is limited additional labour involved to do this. Apparently they were able to get a replacement waterpump somewhere in town. We are hoping that a timingbelt kitt can be obtained.  If everything works out well we should have our car back by the end of tommorrow.

After the verdict was given we booked ourselves into a motel, for two nights, through the internet and the dealer’s workshop chief offered to have someone drive us there. An unexpected service which was much appreciated!

*) the sqeaking turned in to a severe scrapping sound which made people turn their heads… a bit ackward.
**) a distance of more than 1000 kms

20110422 Coober Pedy
foto is gemaakt in Coober Pedy