Zaterdag 14 mei 2011

In most of our travels in the countries we visited in the past, we stayed at campsites. One of our observations to date is that there are quite a few different ‘species’ in Australia that we have not seen in other countries before. Although this should not surprise us as the flora and fauna is very different here as well…

  1. Grey nomads: elderly / retired couples that seem predominantly to travel around with large, very well equipped caravans. Friendly people that are ready to have a chat with anyone that wants to and have advice on any topic readily available. Often the men are busy with improvements or cleaning of their equipment. The equipment can include things like washing machines, microwaves, satellite TV, generators, power tools, boats (also in the desert)
  2. Families with school age children: chosen to travel around with their children for an extensive period. Although the kids are required to study 6 hours a day, this seems to happen during the night or before we get up in the morning.
  3. Backpackers: usually with a van or station wagon with surfboards. Seem to arrive in the dark and leave the next morning again. Group size vary from 2 to 4. In general these cars sound like they will breakdown at any timeā€¦ but we have not seen any actually breakdown.
  4. 4WD enthusiasts: typically aged 30 to 40 with Toyota Landcruisers, Nissan Patrols and similar that are very well equipped for off-road activities

In the past few days we have also seen a few others that we have not been able to identify conclusively and not in sufficient numbers. Perhaps you can help classifying:
A. Unidentified specimen 1:

  • Seems to lean against his car most of the day
  • Starts drinking beer before noon
  • Seems to be able to speak but rarely does
  • When the late arrivals of typically category 3 try to find a spot in the dark, immediately gets up and starts directing them towards the available spots
  • Is not employed by the campsite

B. Unidentified specimen 2:

  • Friendly
  • Walk bare feet all day
  • In the morning leave to drive to a day area 2 KMs further along the same beach and spend their time there
  • In the afternoon return from said area
  • Occasionally seen to play cards

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