Origin of Species: camper edition – addendum (3 juli 2011)

icoontje van tentZondag 3 juli 2011

We are now in Darwin and it seems fitting to extend my previous observations regarding the “Origin of Species: Camper Edition” with the latest findings. There have been various occasions where studying with the different camping going species was possible. A communal campfire is one of those occasions to do some more research. Especially as the objects of study are likely to be in a state of varying intoxication… this makes it easier to get more information from them without them noticing you are not socialising with them but actually studying them!

Here are the additional observations to the existing species:


Grey nomads

  • The age ranges from around 55 years and well beyond 70
  • There are to subspecies:
    • Full time travelers: probably do not own a dwelling anymore; just moving from one area to the next based on the best season for the area
    • Part time travelers: typically have some ties, like children and grandchildren, which ties them to their home town for half of the year OR they flee away from their home towns to temporarily migrate to areas with better weather


Families with school age children

  • No new data received
  • Still puzzles us with regards to the formal education of the children
  • Possibly they do not participate in communal campfires to make sure their young ones are save from Dingos



  • Around Darwin these seem to travel in packs of 3 persons
  • They are all but absent in some areas such as the Kimberley because of the limitations of their cars


4WD enthusiasts

  • They tend to flock to certain areas where they can flee from the 2WD crowds. This group was very happy with this wet season which has resulted in areas not opening up to 2WD cars for a considerable time.
  • Without a snorkel on your car you are a bit of an outcast in this group


NEW species identified:

Australian tourists

  • People that are just taking a break from their busy lives
  • City people will fly to an area and use a rented car (Apollo, Britz, Backpacker, Hertz, Budget, etc) to drive around an area and leave quickly again.
  • People working in construction, mining, oil & gas, etc may finally have finished a 1 to 2 year project where they worked long hours and had very little time off. They take their cars and drive around and just enjoy life for a while until the next project pulls them in. Especially in Western Australia these people make a lot of money (f.i. a crane driver could earn 250,000 AUD a year) but have to live in quite difficult circumstances. For example fathers might be away from their children and wives for weeks at a time or the next small town to get a decent bar of soap may be 100 km away


Foreign tourists

Thank you David for pointing out this omission

  • Mostly people from Europe
  • Young people (20 to 25) that are on an extended holiday for example after finishing their studies. These often drive around in the less traditional rent-a-cars for example from Wicked or Jucy. Basically luxury backpackers doing the same things but with a better budget that allows for an insurance policy when the car breaks down.
  • A bit older people that have already started or established a career that are taking an long holiday (3 to 6 weeks). These would either take a 4×4 (typically a Toyota Landcruiser from Britz or Toyota Hilux mini-camper with snorkel from Apollo) or a large camper with the ‘lot’



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