When is beer time? (22 november 2011)

Dinsdag 22 november 2011

This morning we seemed to have wandered into a parallel universe. After walking along the beach of Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand for a while we thought it would be a sensible thing to buy a bottle of water. Simple right…

At the food stall before we could ask the Muslim owner said “beer?”. Ok a normal question in a tourist town you would say… but beer time at 10:30 AM?

About an hour earlier that morning we were having breakfast at our hotel. Some of the middle aged guests were already having a beer, at the hotel pool. And some were drinking Bacardi Beezers… In defense of the guests drinking beer there are unconfirmed rumours of shortages of beer in Thailand due to the flooding…

We are now having a drink (beer/cocktail) at 18:30 because we were just about to be soaked through by a big shower and we could just reach a bar on time!

I guess beer time is when you need one, but 9:30 AM … really?

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