Bericht uit Tanzania: reisschema (3 september 2012)

Maandag 3 september 2012

In dit bericht wat algemene informatie over de route die Christof gaat volgen op de Kilimanjaro.
Christof heeft via mail laten weten dat hij veilig is aangekomen in Tanzania. Op de eerste dag (day 3 volgens het schema hieronder) heeft de groep een toeristische rondleiding door Arusha gehad. Vandaag is het dag 4 en begint de echte wandeltocht. Onderstaande tekst komt van de website van Berg Adventures

Climb Kilimanjaro via Lemosho Route with Berg Adventures

Lemosho Traverse Itinerary:

For those with the time, commitment and conditioning, this is the ultimate experience on Africa’s greatest mountain, Kilimanjaro. Beginning at the rarely visited western edge of Kilimanjaro, we traverse the wild and unspoiled Shira Plateau to reach the Barafu approach to the crater rim. We take more days to acclimatize because we will actually sleep inside the crater of Kilimanjaro, at 18,700 feet (5700 m). This is an exceptional chance to look closely at the marvels of Kili’s inner crater, set against the backdrop of towering glacial walls of ice.

Camping at this elevation is a serious objective. Equipment of the highest quality is used to ensure the comfort and safety of our climbers and our Chagga staff, as well as to protect the delicate and unique environment within the crater. We carry medical oxygen and a gamov bag and bring with us years of experience and judgment gained on the highest peaks of the world.

  • Day 1 – Depart North America.
  • Day 2 – Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport. You will be met by our staff and transferred to your hotel.
    • Altitude: 4,500ft (1,371m)
    • Overnight in Arusha
  • Day 3 – Team orientation at 8 a.m. The morning is for packing and trip preparation. In the afternoon, you will have a chance to relax at the hotel or visit a local market and see the sights in the city of Arusha.
    • Altitude: 4,500ft (1,371m)
    • Overnight in Arusha
  • Day 4 – Drive to Lemosho Glades 6890ft (2100 m).  Meet local staff and porters.  Hike to Big Tree Camp 9,200ft (2804m) in a beautiful old growth forest.
    • Altitude: 6,890ft (2100m) – 9,200ft (2804m)
    • Distance: 3 miles (5 km)
    • Trekking Time: 3-4 Hours
    • Overnight at Big Tree Camp
  • Day 5 – We cross the spectacular and remote Shira Ridge, then descend a short distance to Shira I Camp on the Shira Plateau 11,450ft (3500m).
    • Altitude: 9,200ft (2804m) – 11,450ft (3500m)
    • Distance: 6 miles ( 10km)
    • Trekking Time: 6-8 Hours
    • Overnight at Shira I Camp
  • Day 6 – Today we move even higher to the Moir Camp, 13,500 ft (4114 m).  This spectacular camp is located beneath the Northern Ice fields of Kilimanjaro.
    • Altitude: 11,450ft (3500m). – 13,500ft (4114m)
    • Distance: 4 miles ( 6.5 km)
    • Trekking Time: 3-4 Hours
    • Overnight at Moir Camp
  • Day 7 – We ascend through the moorland and alpine desert zones to the Lava Tower camp at 15,090ft (4600m)
    • Altitude 13,500ft (4114 m) – 15,090ft (4600m)
    • Distance: 3 miles (5 km)
    • Trekking Time: 2-3 Hours
    • Overnight at Lava Tower Camp
  • Day 8 – Ascend to Karanga Valley Camp, 13,900ft (4235 m).
    • Altitude: 15,090ft (4600m) – 13,900ft (4235m)
    • Distance: 7 miles (11 km)
    • Trekking Time: 7-9 Hours
    • Overnight at Karanga Valley Camp
  • Day 9 – From Karanga Valley Camp we climb past the crowded Barafu Camp and make our way to the Upper Barafu special use camp.
    • Altitude: 13,900ft (4235m) – 16,000ft (4876m)
    • Distance: 2.2 miles (3.5km)
    • Trekking Time: 3-4 Hours
    • Overnight at Upper Barafu special use camp
  • Day 10 – Today we reach the crater where we will spend the night and wake early the next day to reach the summit during daylight hours, camping at 18,700ft (5700m).
    • Altitude: 16,000ft (4876m) – 19,339ft (5894m)
    • Distance: 10 miles (16km)
    • Trekking Time: 8-10 Hours
    • Overnight at Crater Camp
  • Day 11 – Summit day. In less than two hours from camp, a measured pace will get us to the highest spot in Africa, Uhuru Point 19,339 ft (5894m). We descend the Barafu Route all the way to 10,000 feet at the top of the forest.
    • Altitude: 10,000ft (3407m)
    • Distance: 11 miles (18km)
    • Trekking Time: 8-10 Hours
    • Overnight at Mweka Camp
  • Day 12 – We walk through the forest to the park gate, where our Land Cruisers are waiting to take us back to Arusha. After a festive and relaxing celebration with our mountain staff at the gate, we will return to our hotel in Arusha for hot showers and comfortable beds with clean sheets!
    • Overnight Arusha
  • Day 13 – Depart Kilimanjaro international Airport