Jellyfish and caverns (december 2011)

December 2011

Every dive is different and you see some new things, not just colorful fish or corals. I did the last two dives, for this now, near the small islands that are collectively named Koh Ha. Basically big rocks in the sea.

There was a big jelly fish slowly swimming by. It seemed to be undisturbed by the fish ‘attacking’ it as if they were eating from it. Also there were small silvery fish inside it. There was an octopus that was trying to blend in with the surrounding rock. Also the two moray zebra eels that were pretty active in the corals are not your typical fish. Both were beautifully stripped, about 75-100 centimers long and going through the cracks and holes quickly. Fascinating to see.

jellyfish 2011
Jellyfish – example
octopus 2011
Octopus – example
zebra moray eel 2011
Zebra Moray Eel – example

One of the other attraction of this dive site was the underwater caverns that you can swim into. It is a bit strange to swim into an almost black hole… but when you turn around you see an amazing sight of the sunlight from the surface.

underwater cave 2011
Underwater cavern – example

Please note: I had no camera with me so the pictures are borrowed from other people to give you an idea. Refer to the links below for the respective license restrictions on these pictures: