Maandag 21 maart 2011

Today we went to a large self service scrapyard to find some (minor) parts for our Toyota Landcruiser. It was fairly large and advertises with 1500+ cars. When we ask whether there was some logic the reply was a vague indication of on the left are Ford, in the middle Holden and to the right all the rest. So we ask were we could find the Landcruisers, the reply you will not find those here.  We assumed there should be at least a few as we see dozens of them on the road daily… they must be really indestructible!

We were directed to a sister company that might have 1 or 2… After an initial response that they did not have our model, the computer proved them wrong. It must have been hidden because it took at least 10-15 minutes for them to locate the parts we wanted in their warehouse… Again a situation we would never have been in if we would not go on our road trip…

20110223 Dandenong Ranges

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