Dinsdag 4 september 2012

Een tweede bericht op de website van Berg Adventures. De groep is gisteren aangekomen in het eerste kamp op de Kilimanjaro.

September 4, 2012 – The Climb Has Begun
Eric called last night to inform us that the group has safely made it to their first camp on Kilimanjaro. After another 8am wake-up call, the group packed their gear into the trucks and drove 3 hours to the Lemosho Park Gates where they began day 1 of their climbing to the top of Africa.
When they arrived at the Gates, they were greeted by the crew, in addition to a group of Colobus monkeys. Colobus monkeys are black and white monkeys found in the rain forest on Kilimanjaro, they are native to Africa and the name ‘Colobus’ is from Greek/kolobos. They have a thumb which is stumped and are seen flying around the tops of the trees overhead of the trails.
On the route, the team stopped for a picnic lunch and made their way to the first camp. Radio is in and out for the next day, so we look forward to their update in the next couple of days!

Tekst komt van de website van Berg Adventures

20120904 Tanzania
20120904 Tanzania
20120904 Tanzania
20120904 Tanzania

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