Bericht uit Tanzania: 9 september

Zondag 9 september 2012

Vanmorgen stonden er drie berichten op de website van Berg Adventures, die ik natuurlijk alledrie zal plaatsen. Als eerste het bericht van 9 september.

September 9, 2012 – Jambo from Karanga Camp!
Jambo, good morning! This is Peggy on behalf of the climbing team of my wonderful husband John, Joe, Jackie, Eddie, Richa and Christof. We just finished breakfast at Karanga Camp at 13,000 feet. We are preparing to climb up to Kossovo Camp at 15,000 feet today. We wanted to let you know everyone is doing awesome! We’ve all had our little quirks but yesterday was our biggest day climbing the Great Barranco Wall and we did quite well with that. Sleep has been cold some mornings with frost on the ground. We’ve been above the clouds for the last three days. We’re on day 6. After tonight we are going to attempt the summit Uhuru Peak tomorrow so we are very, very excited and quiet prepared for that.
Our guide Emmanuel has been doing a great job of making sure everyone is safe. We have had no major hick-ups at all. The Berg Adventure Team has been taking wonderful care of us so we’re all quiet pleased and doing well. Sorry for the late dispatch. I think the other (dispatches) have had a problem but we’re doing great! We’re on our way! Think of us summiting now on September 10th. Jambo and I’m going to let Joe speak.

This is Joe just calling in. We’re all doing really well. In fact we’ll probably be coming home fatter than when we left because it’s such good food! We are all very excited about going to the summit. Everyone is doing really well. We have a good strong International team. We’re looking forward to the next couple of days!

At this higher elevation the vegetation has changed completely.
Approaching the Great Barranco Wall. The climb goes right up the middle!
Mount Meru from Karanga Camp. Mt Meru is 70 km (43 miles) away and is the tenth highest mountain in Africa.


Tekst en foto’s komen van de website van Berg Adventures


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